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Paul J.Barrett STAT 

Welcome. . .

I work one-to-one with individuals, groups and companies. If you have any queries, questions, want to know how you or your company can benefit from applying the Alexander technique, please contact me.

Thank you...

Paul Barrett.


Paul's story

Paul came to the technique out of curiosity and a musical background. He found it enhances (and removes strain from) any kind of motor performance; his general health, breathing and posture also dramatically improved unexpectedly. 

Experiencing these benefits along with many many others, he decided to train to become a teacher. He was the 1st official teacher to complete the 1600 hours of training in Ireland to the STAT [UK] standard and responsible for bringing STAT certification to Ireland.(Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, est.1958) He's been working with the public and private companies since 2007.

Paul's also certified by ATI ( Alexander Technique International [US] ) and ISATT ( Irish society of Alexander Technique teachers ).


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