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Would you like healthier posture? easier breathing? pain-relief? and better performance?    

The Alexander technique has been used effectively for over 100 years in relieving and preventing conditions such as:

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • Poor posture and coordination.
  • Muscle tension, strain, fatigue, injuries
  • Restrictive breathing, vocal problems, fear.
  • Migraine, anxiety, depression.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders, Joint problems.
  • R.S.I, asthma, poor digestion and circulation.
  • Stress-related conditions, performance anxiety.
  • Addiction, Insomnia, nervous tension.
  • Harmful habits + many other ailments.


What is the Alexander Technique ?

The Alexander technique is a powerful personal skill you can use to prevent and release harmful strain, effort, and unnecessary tension for yourself.
Applying the technique allows you to move and function as you're designed to, refines your coordination in a profound way and makes you aware of habits that interfere with optimal functioning and ease of movement.




What happens in a lesson ?

In a lesson you learn how to release unnecessary strain and muscle tension that interferes with postural reflexes. Most people who have lessons experience a loss of pressure and strain within the body as well as feeling lighter with easier breathing and movement.

Paul J.Barrett STAT 

 Help  promote Alexander's Discoveries

Schooling tends to destroy your child's natural poise and debauch the kinesthetic system 

F.M Alexander ( 1869-1955 )

" when you stop doing the wrong thing the right thing does itself."

"Use affects functioning" 




 British Medical Journal endorse the Alexander Technique

Medical research study 2008 

Most cost effective solution for back pain 









Harmful habits are generally unconscious

Side-effects & benefits of Alexander Technique include:
  • Restoration of poise and balanced elegant posture.
  • Ease of movement and breathing.
  • Mental calm and clarity.
  • Look younger
  • Ability to recognise and change detrimental habits.
  • Improved functioning of vital systems, ( circulation, digestion, cardiovascular, nervous, etc )
  • Resistance to disease, stress, fatigue, tension.
  • Improved vision.
  • Lightness and buoyancy.
  • Enhanced performance in any activity.
  • + many many more ...

 Whom is the Alexander technique for  ? 

Short answer? Everyone, but the technique is most popular amongst musicians, actors, athletes, sportsmen and professionals who want to perform at their best and avoid injury. The technique is for anyone who wants to know how to move more efficiently, improve posture and who wants more happiness and well-being in their lifestyle.

If you have a head, neck and spine you can derive great benefit from learning about the Alexander technique


" In the ordinary person habit controls and directs thought - Alexander's technique reverses this." 

Prof. Frank Pierce Jones.


 Which is the axial skeleton? and which is the appendicular skeleton ? 

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